Friday, 18 August 2017

Diet Progress - 18th August 2017

I may have already mentioned that I'm back on the weight loss train again, if not so far then I am now, I thought I'd add a weigh in post more for myself to look back at the week and progress or not and jig myself along when I flounder. So today marks the start of tracking a new regime that started on the 4th August 2017.

Where I weighed in at 17 stone exactly, my ultimate goal is to reach between 9st - 10st (dependant on when I feel like I've lost enough). That said, seeing the end goal of 7-8 stones in front of me, it seems such a long way off, so I'm breaking it down in to smaller goals of 1st until I've collected them all lol!

I've told Mr FitBit App that my initial goal is 14st which is 3st with 4 or 5 left to go, as I get closer to the goal I will up it until I get to my final destination. I have a long history of dieting and I always fail, lack of dedication, willpower, motivation... I know not why, but this time I really want to succeed. So I'm trying a new approach and Friday morning is the day I've elected to weigh myself to see how well I've done, or not as the case may be.

The logic is that I weigh myself before any weekend indulgences, my new regime is a reverse of the 5/2 diet, the 5:2 diet is 5 days of eating whatever you like and 2 days of eating just 500 calories a day! My version I stick rigidly to 1,750 calories Monday through to Friday, then I have a diet day off on Saturday where I can eat whatever I like, then Sunday I count the calories and don't exceed a maintenance days allowance of 2,223 calories and then I get back to 1,750 on Monday and rinse and repeat.

I got week one under my belt with a 4lb loss which I was really pleased about, I'd like to say that this week has been smooth sailing but there was some family drama, and a tragedy this week and I confess to pigging out on kit-kats!!! I tried to 'fix' the error by adding them to my food diary as breakfast the next day and skipped said breakfast to make up for it, bad I know, but at least I tried to compensate. There was also a cheese and pickle wrap incident as well, which I felt bad about, so Wednesday turned in to a maintenance calorie day but I got back to it Thursday and I'm still on it, old me would have took the slip as a sign and not got back on the diet train at all.

I've racked up 47,833 steps since Monday out of the 49,000 that I'm scheduled to do this week, my Fitbit week runs Monday to Sunday so I still have Saturday and Sunday to increase my steps further, I'm currently scheduled to do 7,000 steps a day, I've upped them over the past few weeks when I started 2 weeks ago I was doing 6,000 a week, I've done extra during this week to help move the weight.

After the wobble midweek I was very nervous about getting on the scales this morning but when I did I was relieved to discover that I'd lost 1¾lb despite my messed up moments. As I'm aiming for 1lb a week, any more is a bonus, and this weeks loss puts me at a 5¾lb over 2 weeks, almost half a stone 😊 I'm hoping to have lost another 4lb or more before I go on my holidays next month, and then when I get back continue with the new regime until I get to the end.


  1. Hi Debs keep up the good work you have made a good start. I looking forward to further updates. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. Well done Debs, it's not easy to lose weight but i'm finding it harder to maintain.
    I'm 12 months at goal and as long I don't go over 11.5lb it's free, which I must admit is the push I need if it gets

  3. Well done Debs and good luck for future weight loss, its never easy. Emma x

  4. Keep it up Debs - I think what you've achieved is so admirable as it's tough going! Shabneez x


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